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Common Mayo Medical Laboratories Test-Ordering Errors
Part 4: Overordered Tests

JAK2 on Blood and Bone Marrow
Free Thyroxine index (FTI) and T3 Uptake


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Free T4 Assay Summary

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July 2010

The free thyroxine index and T3 uptake offer no advantages over their newer replacement tests, but suffer from many more preanalytic and analytic variables. We believe that orders for free thyroxine index and T3 uptake should be questioned and, after educating the individual ordering those tests, replaced by free T4 tests. To learn more about this subject, please go to our Web site to access a Hot Topic on thyroid function testing. The Hot Topic was created by one of Mayo’s endocrinologists and provides a concise review of thyroid testing. 

Free T4 Assay Summary


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