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Common Test-Ordering Errors
Part 2: Misordered Tests

T & B Cells

Indications for Ordering #88800

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May 2010

Test #88800 should only be ordered if very detailed B-cell subset information is needed. Clinical examples of this include:

  • Common variable immunodeficiency: a primary immunodeficiency with
    a prevalence of 1:25,000 to 1:50,000
  • Hyper-IgM syndromes
  • Assessing B-cell subset reconstitution after stem cell or bone marrow transplant
  • Assessing response to B cell-depleting immunotherapy

In most other non-AIDS situations, “T- and B-Cell Quantitation by Flow Cytometry” is sufficient.

In the 3 examples that I just discussed, we are investigating T- or B-cell deficiencies (that is, situations with low cell counts).

Indications for Ordering #88800


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