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Helicobacter pylori: Overview and Considerations for Diagnostic Testing

Serology - IgM and IgA ELISA3

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August 2010

ELISA testing can be used for the serological detection of both IgM and IgA produced in response to infection with Helicobacter pylori. IgM develops approximately 21 days after infection and is detected at higher levels during a primary active infection. However, compared to other noninvasive tests, serology for IgM and IgA is of relatively low sensitivity and actually has limited clinical utility.

Detection of IgA may be slightly more specific in children, compared to IgM, but overall test sensitivity is only approximately 70%.

Detection of IgM can be used for screening of symptomatic individuals for acute Helicobacter pylori infection, but since peptic ulcer disease is due to chronic Helicobacter pylori infection, this test is of limited clinical utility.

Serology - IgM and IgA ELISA


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