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Laboratory Diagnosis of Tick-Borne Infections

Part 1


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Lyme Disease - Serologic Assays

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July 2010

For those patients testing positive by IgM Western blot alone, the general recommendation is to repeat serologic testing on a new specimen after 14-21 days. After this time, we should be able to demonstrate seroconversion of IgG, which provides strong supportive evidence of infection.

A few more points regarding Lyme Western blot: If testing is performed within 4 weeks of symptom onset, it is recommended that the results of both IgM and IgG Western blot be used in the interpretation. However, in patients with disease duration of greater than 1 month, the results of the IgM Western blot should not be considered diagnostic, and a positive IgM alone should not be used to diagnose infection due to the increased possibility of false positive results during the later stages of disease.

Lyme Disease - Serologic Assays


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