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Diagnostic Testing Algorithms for Celiac Disease


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Laboratory Algorithms

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updated June 2011

To simplify test ordering, our laboratories have now implemented 3 new testing algorithms. No one algorithm is applicable to all patients being evaluated for celiac disease. However, we believe that these various testing strategies will be useful for many patients in a variety of situations.

The first cascade is the Celiac Disease Comprehensive Cascade, which includes both serologic and genetic testing.

The second cascade is the Celiac Disease Serology Cascade. This algorithm is similar to the Comprehensive Cascade, except that genetic testing is not performed.

Lastly, we have the Celiac Disease Comprehensive Cascade for Patients on a Gluten-Free Diet. This cascade only performs serology in the context of a positive genetic test. Now, I will go through each algorithm, beginning with the Comprehensive Cascade.

Laboratory Algorithms


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