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Cervical Cytology and HPV Testing

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2006 Consensus Guidelines-ASC-US

Slide 8

March 2010

The ASCCP Consensus Guidelines for a cytology diagnosis of ASC-US layout several things that can be done with this diagnosis. Repeat cytology, colposcopy or HPV testing are all acceptable methods of following up an ASC-US diagnosis. If repeat cytology is used it should be done at 4-6 months intervals until there are 2 consecutive negative results. Any patient with a repeat ASC-US or higher cytology should be referred to colposcopic examination.

Reflex HPV testing is the preferred test if the initial cytology was collected in a liquid-based preparation or if there was a co-collection for HPV testing. This harkens back to the prior slide which shows the results of HPV testing as being more sensitive than a repeat cytology. All positive HPV patients with a diagnosis of ASC-US should be referred to colposcopic examination.

If the colposcopic examination is negative then there should be repeat cytology at 6 and 12 months or a repeat HPV test at 12 months. HPV should not be done prior to 12 months. A negative HPV with a cytology diagnosis of ASC-US should allow the patient to go back into routine screening, in other words, cytology at 12 months.

Consensus Guidelines


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