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Prosthetic Joint Infection Diagnosis


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Results Prosthetic Hip or Knee Infection

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January 2010

252 subjects with aseptic implant failure and 79 with prosthetic joint infection were enrolled.
Sonicate fluid was not concentrated; 0.5 ml was plated on an anaerobic and aerobic sheep blood agar plate and incubated anaerobically and aerobically, respectively.  This slide shows the quantity (and type) of microorganisms detected by sonicate fluid culture.  Most of the prosthetic joint infection specimens yielded >100 colony forming units per plate, whereas most of the aseptic failure specimens yielded no growth or a small number of colonies.  A cutoff of 5 colony-forming units of the same organism was determined to most accurately differentiate aseptic failure from infection.

Results Prosthetic Hip or Knee Infection


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