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Analytical Issues Surrounding Troponin Assays


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Serial Sampling

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October 2010

Use of a serial sampling strategy allows for differentiation of an acute infarction versus a chronic troponin elevation. There is no absolute agreement about the timing of serial samples; cardiology guidelines recommend baseline and 6 hour samples, with a 12 hour sample drawn in patients with a high suspicion or risk of MI. The International Federation of Clinical Chemistry recommends 0, 4, 8, and 12 hour samples, although it is widely recognized that baseline and either 4 or 6 hour samples will be sufficient for rule in/rule out purposes depending upon the assay and cutoffs used. Biological variation, both short-term and long-term variation, may influence serial sampling as well. There is currently a lack of clear definition of the criteria which defines what a significant change really is.

Serial Sampling


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