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Analytical Issues Surrounding Troponin Assays


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Troponin T or Troponin I: Does it Matter?

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October 2010

In the past there has been controversy over which biomarker is preferable, troponin I or T. There is no scientific evidence that either of these markers is superior to the other. Therefore, focus should be placed more on the analytic and clinical performance of the assay, rather than which troponin is being tested. There is no way to correlate results from a troponin I assay to troponin T assay and often even between troponin I assays themselves.

A major issue for troponin I assays is the lack of standardization among commercial assays and harmonization of troponin I is an ongoing area of effort. In terms of risk stratification, troponin T or I may be utilized but it is clear that it is predominantly the use of a high-sensitive assay that has benefit over contemporary assays. There is an increased prevalence of troponin T elevations in the setting of renal failure and these are not to be considered false positives but related to overall dysfunction in the cardiorenal system. Patients with a chronic “low level” elevation of troponin have a worse prognosis and increased mortality.

Troponin T or Troponin I: Does it Matter?


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