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Analytical Issues Surrounding Troponin Assays


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Defining the 99th Percentile (Normal Population)

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October 2010

For most tests, the normal range includes the mean +/- 2 standard deviations as a way of defining abnormal results. Given the critical importance of troponin testing in diagnosis and treatment the 99th percentile is used. There is a need to define reference values in a more precise manner. Populations used to generate normal values are often those most conveniently available and may not contain adequate numbers of patients to assess age and gender-related differences. Some suggest for troponin the population needs to be a healthy younger population, as chronic conditions often plague the older population. Many times, laboratories attempt to validate the range in the package insert for convenience and find they cannot statistically accept the range often due to slight differences in precision between platforms.

Defining the 99th Percentile


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