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Analytical Issues Surrounding Troponin Assays


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Analytical Definitions (Related to Troponin)

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October 2010

It may be helpful to review the analytical definitions as they relate to troponin. The limit of blank is the highest apparent analyte concentration and is determined from analyte-free samples. The limit of detection is the lowest concentration of troponin that can be reliably differentiated from the limit of blank. Assays that have a lower limit of detection are considered more sensitive but not necessarily more precise. In other words, just because you can report down to a certain number does not mean that you should. The limit of quantitation is the lowest concentration that can be reliably detected and produce an acceptable precision that may be de a predefined goal for bias and imprecision. The limit of quantitation may be equivalent to the limit of detection or it could be at a much higher concentration. For troponin assays the limit of quantitation is the 10% CV concentration.

Analytical Definitions (Related to Troponin)


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