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Drugs of Abuse Testing

Ordering the Right Test at the Right Time,
and What Does it Mean?


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Drug Testing

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September 2009

So let’s shift gears a little bit and talk about drug testing itself. Why would we want to test for drugs? Well there are 3 reasons right here. One is to confirm a diagnosis, to rule-in or rule-out drug use in an individual patient. Another reason might be to determine the extent of intoxication of the patient who is sitting in front of you as you’re performing the examination. And another reason might be regulatory; for example, a workplace drug testing program. This list is by no means inclusive, but it is probably the most common reasons that people use drug testing.

When you do, do drug testing you must ask yourself a couple of questions. What are you trying to detect? Not only does that fall into what type of drug are you trying to detect, but which of the reasons you are going to be detecting drugs and what are you trying to accomplish? What is it that is making you want to test drugs in this individual?

Drug Testing


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