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Biomarkers of Acute Renal Failure


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Urinanalysis: A Traditional Biomarker of AKI

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August 2009

This table indicates how the urinalysis can be used to help categorize patients that have evidence for acute kidney injury, by which we usually mean an elevated serum creatinine. If the decrease in renal function is entirely prerenal in nature and due to decreased renal blood flow, then we would expect to find no formed elements in the urine. In acute tubular necrosis, one can find renal epithelial cells, granular casts, and renal epithelial cell casts. For infection, one might expect to find white cells and white cell casts. Patients with nephrotic renal disease will have evidence for lipid casts and oval fat bodies, while patients with glomerulonephritis often will have the red cells, red blood cell casts, and dysmorphic red cells. The next few slides will show some images to demonstrate what these look like.



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