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Biomarkers of Acute Renal Failure


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Acute Kidney Injury

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The topic for today is acute kidney injury which is defined as a sudden decrease in kidney function. Previously this was often called acute renal failure. If a patient has chronic kidney disease, but suffers an acute decline, this is commonly called acute on chronic renal failure. Acute kidney injury is often reversible, although not always, and is largely a disease of acutely ill, hospitalized patients. Acute kidney injury carries high morbidity and mortality. Affected patients are at increased risk of infection, bleeding, and cardiac events. Currently, treatment is largely supportive for the patient until the kidneys can recover. This supportive care often includes dialysis. Because of this need for prolonged hospitalization and intensive treatments such as dialysis, acute kidney injury is very costly to the health care system. Therefore, efforts to improve early diagnosis and prevention of acute kidney injury are of paramount importance.

Acute Kidney Injury


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