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Hemoglobin A1c and the Estimated Average Glucose


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HbA1c at Mayo Clinic

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July 2009

On April 28th, 2009 the Central Clinical Laboratory made a change to hemoglobin A1c testing.  The previous methodology utilized an immunoassay performed on the Roche Modular system but a change was made due to issues with the manufacturer’s calibration of the assay.  HbA1c testing is now performed on the BioRad Variant Turbo, a cation ion-exchange HPLC method.  Reflex testing is performed using boronate affinity methodology if a result is unable to be obtained on the Variant Turbo.  The HbA1c reference range also changed and is now 4-6% which is a decision based reference range from the American Diabetes Association, as opposed to the previous reference range which was determined by normal population sampling.  Reporting of the eAG at the Mayo Clinic is still being debated at this time, however the conversion equation is reported in Mayo Access.

HbA1c at Mayo Clinic


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