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Hemoglobin A1c and the Estimated Average Glucose


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HbA1c Concentration

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July 2009

Glycation and formation of the stable ketoamine is an irreversible process.  The concentration of hemoglobin A1c depends upon several factors.  The life span of the red blood cell and how long the hemoglobin A1c is exposed to glucose is a major determining factor.  It is also thought that the permeability of the red blood cell to glucose influences the amount of glycation and could explain the discordance noted in some hematologically normal people with diabetes in whom A1c appears discordant from other measures of glycemic control.  In general hemoglobin A1c concentrations represent glucose levels over 8-12 weeks.  This is precluded in patients who have underlying anemias, hemolysis, B12 or folate deficiencies or hemoglobinopathies which may affect the lifespan of the red blood cells.

HbA1c Concentration


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