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Optimizing Busulfan Pharmacokinetic Testing


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#83188 Busulfan, Intravenous Dose, Area Under the Curve (AUC), Plasma

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June 2009

The busulfan pharmacokinetic test was established based on a protocol of 16 total doses of 0.8 mg/kg body weight, spread over four days.  As I mentioned, there are four total samples required for the analysis.  These are drawn after the conclusion of a 2-hour infusion, and are taken immediately after the infusion is stopped, then one, two, and four hours after the infusion ends.  The report provided will include the 6 hour area under the curve, a calculated elimination rate, and the estimated dose adjustment needed to reach an optimal level of busulfan exposure.  For this protocol, optimal busulfan exposure is seen at an AUC of 1100 umol/min.  Toxicity is more likely with AUCs above 1500 umol/min, while AUCs below 900 umol/min are typically less effective.  Please note that we can perform busulfan analysis for other administration protocols, and we can also provide concentration data for use with other dose optimization algorithms.  Please contact the lab if you’re interested in discussing these options.

#83188 Busulfan


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