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Optimizing Busulfan Pharmacokinetic Testing


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Measuring Drug Exposure

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June 2009

So why go to all this effort?  It’s important to remember that the goal of measuring the AUC is to ascertain how much busulfan a patient is being exposed to.  As with any drug, there can be a large amount of variability between patients receiving busulfan.  Variation in factors such as metabolic rate or elimination can affect how long the drug remains in a patient’s system, potentially leading to ineffective therapy or toxicity.  The AUC is used as a means of comparing patients and ensuring that each one receives the proper amount of busulfan.  It’s important to note that the literature regarding busulfan ablation uses several different measures of overall drug exposure; these can include the 6 hour AUC, an AUC that is extrapolated to infinity, the steady-state concentration, or the trough concentration.  Here at Mayo, we’ve chosen the 6 hour AUC because of the balance it provides.  The number of samples provides detailed information about each patient’s busulfan exposure, without being prohibitively difficult.  More importantly, the AUC calculation is based only on measured values, rather than relying on a computed algorithm to extrapolate predicted serum levels.

Measuring Drug Exposure


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