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Optimizing Busulfan Pharmacokinetic Testing


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June 2009

So to summarize, busulfan pharmacokinetic testing is used to optimize and individualize dosing of this drug for stem cell transplant.  Both toxicity and outcomes are improved when this sort of analysis is performed, leading to better treatment and quality of life for the patient.  The most common problem we see is an atypical curve, where the immediate post-infusion sample does not have the highest concentration of drug.  There are two major reasons why this occurs, and therefore two ways to prevent it:  first, careful attention to labeling should eliminate accidentally switched samples.  And second, following established line draw protocols for flushing the intravenous line and discarding waste blood before drawing the sample should prevent accidental dilution of the post-infusion timepoint.  These easy fixes should ensure that your busulfan results are accurate and meaningful.



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