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Detection of Intestinal Parasites


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Giardia intestinalis

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March 2009

So let’s talk about the individual organisms of note. The first that I’d like to discuss is Giardia intestinalis.

You may have heard this parasite referred to by its older names, Giardia lamblia and Giardia duodenalis. Giardia intestinalis is now generally accepted as the preferred name for this organism, but you will still hear the other names used.

This parasite is the most common pathogenic parasite identified in feces in the United States, and is the most commonly diagnosed intestinal parasite by our public health laboratories.

It is a protozoan parasite and it has both Cyst and trophozoite forms. It is also motile and moves with several pairs of flagella. Therefore, it is classified as a flagellate. The cysts and trophozoites measure between10-20 µm in largest dimension and may be detected on both direct and concentrated fecal preparations.

Giardia intestinalis


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