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Middleware and the Clinical Hematology Laboratory


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Think Differently About the CBC!

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February 2009

What did we do about this?  We created a new type of CBC that was available only to hematologists and oncologists called the CBC chemotherapy or CBC-C.  A perfect differential count was not the concern - just “I want a reasonably accurate neutrophil and platelet count”.  The most important thing was to provide for a rapid turnaround time that would allow the patient to get through the system and receive their chemotherapy on time.  Now it does require the clinician to understand the differences between the CBC-C and a routine screening CBC.  Indeed we send out annual reminders to emphasize the differences between the various CBCs and how best to use them.  But by creating this different CBC it allowed us to create unique autoverification rules that best met the clinical need.

Think Differently About the CBC!


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