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Middleware and the Clinical Hematology Laboratory


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Automate Rules for Manual Differentials

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February 2009

The first step is to simply write rules for what the technologist does.  If they look up results in the computer, write a rule.  If they compare results to previous studies, you write a rule.  If they base a decision on where the patient is or who their doctor is, if they minimize or ignore certain results or certain instrument flags, then write a rule.  This very simple and obviously self evident step is the most critical part and will give you the biggest bang for the buck within the laboratory.  Second, use the quantitative numbers coming off the instrument, use the instrument flags, and incorporate whatever demographic or patient information you can get out of the LIS, such as physician name, patient location, the location of a laboratory, the elapsed time in between specimen testing, and finally by defining different types of CBCs for different clinical purposes.  You may find the published consensus guidelines from the International Society for Laboratory Hematology regarding verification of the CBC and differential count as a helpful place to start.

Automate Rules for Manual Differentials


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