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Herpes Simplex and Varicella Zoster Viruses

Fast, Efficient, and Accurate Processing for PCR Detection


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December 2009

Therefore, we can draw the following conclusions from this work:

  • First, swab specimens can be sent directly to the laboratory in a culturette tube, without need for M5 transport media. In fact, the culturette is the preferred transport method.
  • Second, traditional DNA extraction is not necessary for real-time PCR detection of HSV and VZV from anogenital and dermal specimens, since culturette transport followed by direct processing in NB provides equal or greater yield of nucleic acid.

So, this simple change in processing will yield significant time savings, may decrease turnaround time, and for HSV, may increase the yield of viral DNA. We have begun using this process in our lab and are no asking our clients to submit anogenital and dermal swabs for HSV and VZV testing in a culterette tube and not in M5.



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