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Herpes Simplex and Varicella Zoster Viruses

Fast, Efficient, and Accurate Processing for PCR Detection


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M5 Media vs Culturette Tubes: Experiment

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December 2009

We proved this using another simple experiment. We took a positive HSV culture and make three 10-fold dilutions of the culture material. We then placed 10 swabs into the 3 dilutions, for a total of 30 swabs. Five swabs from each dilution went into individual containers with M5 media, while another five swabs from each dilution went into individual culturette tubes. One M5 tube and one culturette tube were then processed daily for 5 days, according to the appropriate extraction or neutralization buffer procedures. The design of this study took the whole process into account, including transport and pre-PCR processing
and the results strongly favored the combination of the culturette tube with the NB.



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