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Herpes Simplex and Varicella Zoster Viruses

Fast, Efficient, and Accurate Processing for PCR Detection


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A New Workflow for Dermal and Anogenital Swabs

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December 2009

So, going back to our workflow diagram, the new procedure looks as follows:

The swab sample would still be obtained in the clinical setting and placed in a transport device. But in this case, only a transport device without M5 media, such as a culturette tube, can be used. Note the presence of moist sponges inside the culturette transport tube, as shown with the blue arrow. These sponges keep the specimen hydrated during transport. When the swab is received by the microbiology lab, and it is then placed in neutralization buffer, which is heated, vortexed, and amplified as described previously. Again, our processing time before PCR has now decreased from two hours to only 35 minutes.

New Workflow


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