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Diagnosis and Classification of Amyloidosis

Mass Spectrometry Results in 50 Cases of Amyloidosis3

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December 2009

To establish the clinical sensitivity and specificity of mass spectrometry based proteomic analysis in amyloid classification, we examined 50 cases of systemic amyloidosis. In each case the type of amyloid was characterized by the current gold standard approach including an extensive clinical investigation for plasma cell disorders, serum and genetic testing for amyloidogenic variants of TTR, and immunohistochemistry for TTR, SAA, immunoglobulin kappa and lambda light chains, and SAP. The study included 16 TTR, 9 SAA and 25 AL amyloidosis. In this validation set, mass spectrometry identified the amyloid type with 100% specificity and sensitivity. The details of the study have been published and the citation for further reading is provided in this slide.

50 Cases of Amyloidosis3


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