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Monitoring Monoclonal Gammopathies

Methods for Monitoring Monoclonal Gammopathies: 2005 IMWG

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November 2009

The International Myeloma Working Group has defined responses. A 25% to 49% reduction is a minimal response, and a 50% reduction in the serum M-spike is a partial response. The IgG kappa patient we saw on a previous slide would need the M-spike to go from 3.8 g/dL to <1.9 g/dL to be considered a partial responder. For a complete response, we would, of course, need the complete absence of a detectable serum monoclonal protein. These same guidelines require a 90% reduction in the urine M-spike for a partial response. And, the patient with the lambda light chain myeloma would need the urine M-spike to go from 2.6 g/24 hour to <0.3 g/24 hour to be considered a partial response.

2005 IMWG


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