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Monitoring Monoclonal Gammopathies

FLC κ/λ Ratio: Disease Sensitivity

Slide 14

November 2009

This composite slide has a few different groups of patients. The light gray area represents the kappa and lambda reference range determined from normals, plotted as blue circles. Older normals with reduced renal clearance, shown as red dots, as well as polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia patients, shown as green squares, may fall outside these ranges.

When the data is viewed as the kappa:lambda ratio, however, all those samples fall within the reference range, but the kappa and lambda light chain myelomas are abnormal. The point I want to make with this slide is the yellow circles. These are nonsecretory myelomas that have no measurable M-spikes. Yet you can clearly see that many of these patients now have a “tumor marker” that can be used to monitor their disease.

Disease Sensitivity


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