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PSA Standardization

The Clinical Difference

Slide 27

October 2009

In the NPCC (National Prostate Cancer Coalition) grass-roots screening study performed in Chicago, 1916 men (approximately half of who were Caucasian) were compared using the Access which uses Hybritech standard and Siemens Bayer Centaur which is a WHO standard.  The findings of the study show a negative bias of greater than 20% in the Centaur values. Using a PSA threshold of 2.5 ng/mL, biopsy would have been recommended for 94 (5%) men using one assay (the Hybritech) but not the other (the Centaur).  At 4.0 ng/mL biopsy would have been recommended for 87 men (or 4.5%) using the Hybritech assay but not the Centaur.  This is in close agreement with the study on the previous slide, where it was found that 4.6% of men would not have been recommended for biopsy.

The Clinical Difference


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