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Laboratory Diagnosis of HIV Infection

HIV Rapid Serology Follow-up Algorithm

Slide 8

October 2009

For individuals who had a reactive or presumptive positive rapid antibody test, here is the recommendation for a follow-up laboratory evaluation. And let’s concentrate just on the top one-third of this algorithm. For positive or reactive rapid HIV-1 or rapid HIV-1 and -2 antibody tests, we recommend a combination of HIV-1 and -2 confirmatory evaluation listed there, which is to perform a Western blot, or to actually perform Western blot confirmatory test as well as an antibody screen, which will include an HIV-1 and -2 antibody screening test in the laboratory using enzyme immunoassays or chemiluminescence immunoassays.

Then the rest of the algorithm below is the same as the previous slide. The reason for including an enzyme immunoassay screen after a rapid antibody test result is in case if one does decide to do a follow-up evaluation at a later date, that would start with an HIV-1 and -2 antibody. So this is mainly for later comparisons.

HIV Rapid Serology


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