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Laboratory Diagnosis of HIV Infection

2006 US CDC Recommendations: Adults and Adolescents

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October 2009

It is because of these findings that the CDC recommended in 2006 that all adults and adolescents should have a routine voluntary HIV-antibody screening test if they fall into the age group of 13 to 64 and not a screen only because of risk factors for prevalence of HIV infection. Those with known risks for HIV should also have HIV screening at least once a year.

Thirdly, the approach for HIV testing should be an opt-out approach, meaning that patient should consult and notified that they're being tested unless they object. So this is in contrast to the previous approach of opt-in testing, where the patient must give consent before they're being tested. With the opt-out approach, it reduced the barrier and obstacles for HIV screening, and one of the recommendations is that whenever a patient sign a consent for medical care, that is understood that HIV testing will be included as part of the general care for that patient unless he or she specifically objects to HIV testing.

Adults and Adolescents


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