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Laboratory Diagnosis of HIV Infection


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Awareness of Serostatus Among People with HIV and Estimates of Transmission in US

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October 2009

The last section I wish to discuss is indications for HIV testing, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2008 published their survey finding of knowledge of HIV-serologic status among patients in the United States and correlate their awareness with estimates of transmission of HIV infection in the United States. You can see that with about 1 million individuals living with HIV infection or AIDS in the US, about a quarter of them are unaware of their infection because they don't think they were at risk or they've never been tested even if they are at risk. However, these 25% of the infected individuals accounted for up to 50% of the new infections occurring every year, which is around 40,000 cases. So in the effort to decrease or reduce new infections of HIV, it is important that we identify those 25% of individuals who are infected but unaware of the infection.

Awareness of Serostatus


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