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The INR and FFP

Is This a Good Relationship with Regard to Transfusion Practice?


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Coagulation Tests and Invasive Procedures, cont.

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December 2008

The goal of this study was to systematically review the evidence supporting the assumption that an elevated PT/INR predicts bleeding in association with an invasive procedure.

Initially 682 abstracts were identified as candidate studies. From this, 25 studies ultimately survived the evaluation process and were included in this review. Only one of the included studies was a clinical trial, comparing transjugular liver biopsy to percutaneous liver biopsy with plugging. 

The other studies were of two types. The studies were either case series in which patients were having a procedure of interest or they were case series in which the participants were enrolled because of abnormal coagulation test results.

Coagulation Tests, cont.


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