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The INR and FFP

Is This a Good Relationship with Regard to Transfusion Practice?


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Bacterial Antigen Test (BAT)

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December 2008

In conclusion, the data from this study disclose a trivial effect of FFP on mild-to-moderately prolonged PT/INR values, and they suggest that there is no relationship between such PT elevations and the extent of blood loss.

This leads one to question the common practice of administering FFP transfusions to patients with mild-to-moderate PT elevations. In fact, the authors state, “FFP transfusion to nonbleeding patients in response to a mild-to-moderately prolonged PT value cannot be supported” and “[t]he role of FFP transfusion to bleeding patients with a PT of 13.1 to 17 seconds, or an INR, 1.1-1.85, is not entirely clear but results from this study question both goals and assumptions surrounding the PT as a guide to therapy.”



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