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The INR and FFP

Is This a Good Relationship with Regard to Transfusion Practice?


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INR, FFP & Bleeding, cont.

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December 2008

After the 324 transfusions that were part of the first transfusion episodes, the median decrease in PT was 0.20 seconds, while the median decrease in INR was 0.07 seconds. The proportion of patients achieving a normal PT, defined as less than 13.1 seconds or an INR of less than 1.1 following the FFP transfusions, was 0.0083. The PT/INR corrected to at least halfway to normal in only 15% of pts. No significant relationship was found regarding pre-transfusion PT value and the likelihood of correcting to at least halfway to normal following FFP. That is, there was no difference in the likelihood of correcting at least halfway to normal between patients with baseline INRs of 1.5 or lower and those with baseline INRs of more than 1.5.

INR, FFP & Bleeding, cont.


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