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The INR and FFP

Is This a Good Relationship with Regard to Transfusion Practice?


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INR, FFP & Bleeding, cont.

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December 2008

Now let’s turn our attention to a study from Massachusetts General Hospital published in 2006 in the journal of Transfusion. The authors stated that at the time of the conduct of their study, there were no studies examining the effect of FFP in hospitalized patients with mild prolongations of their PT.

For their purposes, this was defined as mildly prolonged PT up to 17 seconds or an equivalent mildly elevated INR up to 2.0. These mild abnormalities are very common among hospitalized patients and it is apparent that a large number of FFP transfusions are administered to this patient population. The investigators prospectively evaluated the effect of FFP on laboratory tests of hemostasis and whether there was any correlation between PT/INR and invasive procedure-related bleeding.

INR, FFP & Bleeding, cont.


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