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The INR and FFP

Is This a Good Relationship with Regard to Transfusion Practice?


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INR, FFP & Bleeding, cont.

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December 2008

Let’s get some historical prospective first. It’s clear that we’ve been scratching our heads about the value of pre-procedure FFP for a long time.

In 1966, Spector and colleagues published a study evaluating pre-procedure plasma transfusions in The New England Journal of Medicine. In this study, 13 patients with liver disease and elevated PT values ranging from 17- 26 seconds were transfused with 3-9 units of FFP.

In all cases, the PT failed to normalize, and the increase in coagulation factors achieved with the FFP transfusions were short-lived, with the levels declining by 50% within 4 hours of the transfusion (i.e., very little was  achieved with these FFP transfusions in this patient population).

INR, FFP & Bleeding, cont.


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