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Risk Stratification in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

The Role of the Clinical Laboratory

ZAP-70 in B-CLL: Questions

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November 2008

Several questions remain for ZAP-70 in CLL.

When validation studies for ZAP-70 are done, should they be done versus clinical outcome or IgVH status? Clearly clinical outcome is the gold standard to be used.

Do peripheral blood and bone marrow give comparable results? Bone marrow clinically validation studies have not been done, and thus is not the preferred specimen type.

For tissue stains is ZAP-70 fixation-dependent? We don’t know the impact that various fixatives and decalcification may have on ZAP-70.  We do know that ZAP-70 is not stable and begins to deteriorate after 48 hours and is temperature dependent. It also must be realized that as of now, ZAP-70 does not appear to have any prognostic role in non-CLL B-cell lymphoproliferative cases.

ZAP-70 in B-CLL: Questions


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