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What the FDA Relabeling of Abacavir Means for You and Your Patient


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Chromosome 6

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November 2008

This is a synopsis of the HLA-B gene. As indicated, it was found on short arm of chromosome 6. The reddish rectangle indicates the centromere of the chromosome. So, HLA-B genes and the other HLA alleles are found on the short arm of chromosome 6.

What is indicated here is the genomic DNA sequence and the orientation of the various HLA genes. A is closer to the telomere on the left hand side than C or B or the DR, DQ, and DP alleles. For convenience, the HLA-B gene is shown oriented from left to right with exon 1, exon 2 and the other coding exons indicated in the blue rectangles. Most of the changes that affect the formation of different protein antigens are encoded in exon 2 or exon 3.

What’s shown underneath the blue rectangle is the messenger RNA for the HLA-B system and underneath that is a spec sequence of ribonucleotides in the message for this particular gene encoding part of exon 2 and exon 3. The reference sequence for the HLA alleles for the B gene is shown on the top and underneath are individual nucleotide changes in the mRNA for the 5701 allele.

Beneath that are the amino acid sequences. For the reference sequence, we have a full sequence indicated. Underneath that are the B57 antigen changes where the amino acids are substituted, as indicated by the red lettering. So, there are several changes from the reference sequence that makes an allele a 57 antigen.

Chromosome 6


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