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What the FDA Relabeling of Abacavir Means for You and Your Patient

Naming Conventions - HLA-B*5701

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November 2008

The naming convention can be confusing. HLA-B is the name of the gene located on chromosome 6. B57 indicates a group of protein antigens with different amino acid substitutions, encoded by the HLA-B alleles, which are detected immunologically.

The asterisk (*) indicates it is nucleic acid - an allele - and not a protein, which is an antigen. The 01 indicates a specific allele with a specific DNA sequence. There are 16 HAL-B*5701 alleles with amino acid changes that have been found at this time. Many of these are rare, for example HLA-B*5708 found in 1 in 25,000 patients.

Naming Conventions


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