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Preparation of Platelet Poor Plasma for Special Coagulation Testing

Hematocrit Test Tubes

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October 2008

Here is an illustration to help us gage the hematocrit and the draw tube. Please note that the brown layer is just a graphical representation of the citrate anticoagulant. The anticoagulant will not appear this way in the draw tube, but you do need to be aware of the volume it displaces when estimating the hematocrit.

The tube on your left depicts approximately 50% hematocrit with a cell volume and the plasma volume being roughly equal. The tube on our right depicts greater than 55% and is not acceptable. Any cell volume less than 25% (noted here with the dotted line) will not be acceptable.

Hopefully you can verify questionable hematocrit with CBC results; if too high or too low, hematocrit should be rejected. The patient needs to be redrawn using tubes that have had the level of anticoagulant in them adjusted to the proper proportion.

Hematocrit Test Tubes


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