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Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

New Approaches for a Common Disease

MBL: Summary

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October 2008

To summarize, MBL may be identified through population screening or through routine clinical practice. These latter cases likely will exhibit a different behavior than those cases that are identified through population screening. It is important to note those differences when evaluating and reporting these cases.

The impact of this diagnostic criteria change is not small. We have shown that approximately 40% of what previously would have been called Rai Stage 0 CLL will now be reclassified as MBL.

In addition, no standard methodology for measuring B-cell counts in MBL and CLL was established with the new IWCLL definitions. This lack of standardization will undoubtedly lead to questions and confusion in individual patient cases.

Although we will talk about prognostic factors a future Hot Topic session, molecular prognostic factors will likely contribute to the risk of disease progression better than any arbitrary lymphocyte or B-cell count.

MBL: Summary


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