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Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

New Approaches for a Common Disease

MBL: Prevalence and Progression

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October 2008

Various studies have now shown that MBL is a common disorder with up to 3.5% of the normal population having an identifiable clonal population with the CLL phenotype. It is also important to note that the prevalence of MBL appears to increase with age, going from a 2.1% incident rate in people between 40 and 60 years old up to an incident rate of almost 8% in those folks over the age of 70. Low-risk genetic factors such as mutated IgVH and 13q- are frequently identified. The progression rate of MBL to CLL is uncertain and remains to be defined. Studies by Rostern and colleagues have shown that 1-3% of MBLs defined via population studies will progress to CLL, whereas studies done here at the Mayo Clinic have shown that 40% of MBLs identified through routine clinical practice, i.e., identification and evaluation of cases with lymphocytosis will progress to CLL within one year.

Prevalence and Progression


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