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Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

New Approaches for a Common Disease

How will MBL be Recognized in Routine Clinical Practice?

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October 2008

In clinical practice, MBL will most commonly be identified when a lymphocytosis is found via CBC screening. I frequently hear questions as to what limits actually define a lymphocytosis. I feel very strongly that a lymphocytosis is defined as those cases having an ALC above3, 000. I think that this has been confirmed by various laboratories who have done thorough normal value studies.

In addition, if one looks at the quantitative lymphocyte subsets that are broadly published, the sum of T-cells, B-cells, and NK-cells would certainly suggest that a lymphocyte value of 3,000 is close to being accurate. The historic number of 5,000 being the upper limit for an ALC should not be used in today’s clinical environment.

MBL Recognized in Clinical Practice?


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