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Laboratory Testing for Hepatitis A and E

Interpretation of HAV Serologic Marker Test Results

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September 2008

Now, with the positive Hepatitis A total antibodies, there are actually two possibilities. It could be acute Hepatitis A, or past Hepatitis A infection or vaccine immunity. Without knowing the Hepatitis A IgM antibody status, it may be difficult to distinguish between the first two conditions listed on this table. However, in individuals who have no signs or symptoms of viral hepatitis at the time of testing, it is most likely that this represents either past infection or vaccine immunity.

In this non-symptomatic healthcare worker, the presence of Hepatitis A total antibodies most likely indicates either past infection or vaccine immunity. Note that those who have never been infected or vaccinated or who have never been exposed, the Hepatitis A total antibodies would be negative.

Interpretation of Serologic Marker Test Results


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