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Laboratory Testing for Hepatitis A and E

Hepatitis A Virus Infection Typical Serologic Course

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September 2008

This is the typical serologic course of Hepatitis A infection. Within 1-2 weeks after exposure to this virus, the virus will appear in the stool as well as in the blood. The viremic phase is very short, usually 4 weeks or less. At the end of the viremic phase, the liver enzymes, ALT for example, usually rise, which corresponds to the appearance of clinical illness. It is also at this time that Hepatitis A-specific IgM antibodies appear in the blood. This is followed by the appearance of Hepatitis A IgG antibodies; however, in the clinical laboratories we are not able to determine Hepatitis A-specific IgG antibodies only. We are able to determine Hepatitis A IgM and Hepatitis A total antibodies, which measures both IgG and IgM together in the result.

Typical Serologic Course


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