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Warfarin Sensitivity Genotyping

VKORC1 Promoter Polymorphism6

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August 2008

The VKORC1 promoter polymorphism has different frequencies in different populations. In Asian populations, the A promoter allele predominates, and this means that in Asia, the predominate deficiency in warfarin anticoagulation is going to be due to the VKORC1 promoter polymorphism. The *2 and *3 alleles in CYP2C9 are not found that frequently in Asia. On the other hand in Northern European White Populations the G promoter allele predominates and so they may actually require a slightly higher level of anticoagulation due to having a greater amount of protein made.

The warfarin dosing based on genotyping in one study in which they looked at the A and G alleles in the promoter, they found that 83% were able to reach a stable INR within 2 weeks, only 10% had an INR greater than 4 and there were no significant bleeding events in the study, 62% of the dosing variability was explained by the parameters they used and 69% of the participants had actual dose of warfarin match the prediction from the algorithm.

VKORC1 Promoter Polymorphism6


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