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Warfarin Sensitivity Genotyping

Polymorphisms and Warfarin Sensitivity

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August 2008

While there are some functional polymorphisms found in the VKORC1 gene, the most common deficiency is caused by the promoter polymorphism that is located 1639 bases upstream from the starting site for coding of the gene. There is a substitution of guanosine for adenosine at this position and the effect is to decrease the effectiveness of transcription of the VKORC1. So less VKORC1 messenger RNA is made if you have this polymorphism and less VKORC1 protein is synthesized. Consequently this polymorphism results in an increase of INR at standard therapeutic doses because there is less vitamin K being recycled because there is less VKORC1 protein. So a polymorphism in this gene and promoter will result in a decreased level of the vitamin K epoxide reductase protein.

Polymorphisms and Warfarin Sensitivity


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