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Warfarin Sensitivity Genotyping

CYP2C9 Association Study

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August 2008

In an association study, preformed recently, they found that the risk for a major hemorrhage due to having CYP2C9 polymorphic alleles increased markedly with a hazard ratio of approximately 3. The risk for a major bleed with CYP2C9 variant allele was 5.3-fold higher than normal before stabilization of therapy in the warfarin induction period and this risk was maintained at 2.2-fold risk after stabilization of the warfarin dosing.

Intracranial bleeds are a minimum of between an INR of 2-2.5. Warfarin therapy related deaths minimized between an INR of 2-2.5 and at an INR of greater than 2.5 the death rate increases 2.3-fold per unit increase in INR. Warfarin has the greatest number of deaths of all drugs from death certificates, so it is important to be able to identify individuals who are at a higher risk for these related problems with warfarin by doing genotyping.

CYP2C9 Association Study


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