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Warfarin Sensitivity Genotyping

Polymorphisms and Warfarin Sensitivity

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August 2008

There are common polymorphisms in the CYP 2C gene that cause amino acid substitutions in the protein that are encoded by the gene. The alleles are designated by a star or asterisks followed by a number, the first one CYP2C9*2 has a substitution of a cystine for an arginine which is encoded at nucleotide 430, by a change from a cytosine to a thymidine. This reduces the enzymatic activity in the protein by about 50% for the metabolism of S-warfarin as compared to the wild type or normal which has no polymorphisms. The allele frequency for this particular polymorphism *2 is population dependent. The highest frequency is found in Northern European white populations, which is estimated between 8% and 13% of the total population.

Polymorphisms and Warfarin Sensitivity


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